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Imports : Waxes (Carnauba, Microcrystalline, Paraffin), Spices, and Pulses.  
Exports : Spices  
Loyal Customers
In depth Market analysis and research, Market information
Financial Strength
Stocks in season and off season
Broker Network
Strong supplier tie-ups
Employees :
The fact that most of our employees are working with us for the last 2 decades speaks for itself. We firmly believe in investing in our employees and sharing fruits with our dedicated staff. We implement Performance management programs that effectively motivate employees
Loyal Customers:
B.J. International is indebted to its Loyal Customers for where it stands today. It has taken 26 years to develop this strong bond. Our customers appreciate the fact that we share correct valuable information with them. It is a win-win situation as our customers get quality goods, timely delivery, quality packing, competitive pricing, and valuable information at the right time and we get their Loyalty.
In depth Market analysis and research, Market information:
Since we are globally well conncected, we receive first hand valuable market information from our suppliers. We believe in sharing this information with our clients to help them in making correct decisions. One of the main reasons for the loyalty of our clients is our willingness to share honest and correct market information.
Financial Strength:
We enjoy all banking facilities through our banker with whom we share a relationship since 26 years. We do not take any credit from our suppliers and firmly believe in making all payments at sight. We maintain 2 months stock inventory throughout the year to ensure that our clients get timely delivery.
Broker Network:
We also have strong tie-ups with brokers all over the country. This gives us a strong study of the market trends and helps us better understand the changing needs and preference of the consumers.
Strong supplier tie-ups:
We firmly believe in maintaining healthy relations with our suppliers who are based globally. Our Suppliers have played a vital role in the growth of our firm. Besides being a financially sound company, Our sincere dedication in promoting the products of our suppliers is one of the main reasons why they prefer to deal with us than our competitors. Our healthy relationship with our suppliers helps us to stock goods even during acute international shortage.
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